Snow Blizzard of 2015

During snow storms, there is likely to be some interruption with mass transit above ground such as busses and trains that run on the elevated lines. All Hospital Staff are Considered Essential Staff. Employees are still responsible for making every effort to come in to work, and there are designated areas posted where, if possible, arrangements would be made for pick-ups. The Dekalb Avenue station of the ā€œLā€ train is underground and stops at the corner of the facility.

In the event of interruption of mass transit, we may activate the following locations for pickup, either by ambulate, non-911 Ambulance, or by the EMS Command Vehicle at:


1) Lorimer and Metropolitan Ave - By the Train Station (Williamsburg)

2) Flushing Avenue and Broadway - By the train Station (Bushwick)

3) Eastern Parkway / Broadway Junction - By the Train Station (East NY)

4) Rockaway Ave / Glenwood Road - By the Train Station (Canarsie)


1) Myrtle Avenue / Woodhaven Blvd - At the corner (Forest Hills)

2) Jamaica LIRR station at Parsons / Archer - By Train Station (Jamaica)

3) 71st Ave (Continental)/Qns Blvd/108th St - By the Train Station (Forest Hills/Kew Gds)

4) Queens and Woodhaven Boulevard at the - Qns Ctr Mall by McDonalds (Rego Pk/Elm)

This hotline was established in order to facilitate the dissemination of information and instructions to staff during an event. This hotline may be accessed from outside the facility by dialing the general number 963-7272 and asking the operator to connect you to the Hotline at the -5454 extension. You can dial 718-963-6723 from outside the facility for direct access.

Below are some additional resources:

NYC Office of Emergency Management -

NY State Emergency Management Office -

Federal Emergency Management Agency -,

Department of Homeland Security -

American Red Cross in Greater New York -

National Hurricane Center/Tropical Prediction Center -

National Weather Service -

Notify NYC Register for emergency notifications by visiting - or calling 311.

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