Positive Health Management

(718) 302-8481


Positive Health Management is a comprehensive HIV primary care and Prevention program that is associated with the ambulatory care system of Wyckoff Heights Medical Center since 1995. The program boosts culturally competent services which are provided by bilingual service providers. Our services are targeted to those living in the communities of Northern Brooklyn and Western Queens. The goal of Positive Health Management is to provide excellent and safe care to persons who are at risk for or who are already infected with HIV. Below is a summary of each of Positive Health Management’s services. 


• Medical Case Management
• Prevention with Positives
• Care Coordination
• Women’s Supportive Services
• Cofactors of HIV Transmission
• HIV Testing in the Emergency Room

The Primary Care services are located at WHMC and the medical services are provided by a group of HIV specialists. Our ancillary program staff members are also accredited in their fields and support the clients as their receive primary care. The following is a listing of our services according to their funding source.

1. Primary Care, Medical Case Management and Health Education
Funded by the New York State DOH – AIDS Institute and CDC
Contact: Desiree Bullock, LCSW-R CASAC Program Manager
(718) 963-7582

Primary Care services are provided by 3 HIV Specialist who are supported by a team of 2 Medical Case Managers, a Social Workers and a Health Educator. The services including:

  • Primary Medical Treatment for those with HIV
  • Quarterly Monitoring of CD4 counts and viral loads
  • ARV treatment management
  • Coordination of other medical services such as Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dental, Pulmonary, Diabetic, Cardiology, Radiology services etc.
  • Supportive Case Management
  • Assistance with ADAP
  • Assistance with Partner Notification
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Diffusion of Effective Behavioral Interventions including Healthy Relationships and CLEAR
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Integrated HIV testing services in the Ambulatory Care clinics at WHMC

2. Care Coordination Services
Funded by New York City DOHMH - Public Health Solutions
Contact: Olsen Montoya, LCSW, Program Coordinator
(718) 240-1772

  • The objectives of the Care Coordination Program are:
  • Ensure that patients maintain· a stable health status.
  • Ensure that PLWHA (People· Living With HIV/AIDS) are linked to care in a timely and coordinated manner and maintain medical stability and suppressed viral load.
  • Maintain patients in care via· navigation, coordination of medical and social services
  •  and provision of support and coaching.
  • Teach and support treatment· (medications) adherence.
  • Support and coach patients to· become self-sufficient so that they are able to manage
  •  their medical and social needs autonomously.

Women’s Supportive Services
Funded by the New York State DOH – AIDS Institute
Contact:  Claudia Gil-Castillo, MSW Clinical Case Manager
(718) 963-3991

WSS provides supportive case management and behavioral education groups for HIV infected women and their family members. Women do not have to be enrolled in medical services at WHMC to be part of the service.Services include:   
  • Supportive and Intensive Case Management
  • Intake assessment, service planning, monitoring and reassessments
  • Referrals and Escorts as needed
  • Individual and Family Counseling
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Hospital and Home visitation
  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention DEBI interventions CLEAR and VOICES/VOCES

The Prevention services component provides an array of prevention services both on site at WHMC and in the community on our mobile screening van. These services are all Free and have limited qualifications to participate in the services. The 3 programs include the following:

Cofactors of HIV Transmission (COF)
New York City DOHMH – Public Health Solutions
Contact: Luz Santiago, MS Assistant Director of Prevention
(718) 907-4946
Email: lusantiago@wyckoffhospital.org

To provide STD/STI, mental health, and substance abuse screenings to uninsured immigrant Hispanic men and their partners on the hospital’s mobile medical unit and at select community events. Those who are found to have an STD/STI are offered HIV testing through COF and referred for treatment. Those who screen affirmatively for a SA issue are provided with a brief intervention (1-3 sessions) and referrals for treatment. Initial assessment and referrals are provided for MH screenings as well.

Services provided in Northern Brooklyn and Western Queens. Services include:

  • STD screening services (Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.)
  • Screening for Depression using the PHQ-9
  • Screening for Alcohol Abuse using the AUDIT
  • Screening for Substance Abuse using the DAST 10
  • SBIRT – Screening Referral and Brief intervention services for those who screen positive for an Alcohol or Substance Abuse issue
  • OraQuick Rapid HIV testing and Referrals for those who screen positive for STD/s and/or an Alcohol or Substance Abuse issue.
  • Staff escort to first referral appointment if requested
  • If positive for HIV linkage to HIV Primary Care, Supportive Services and Partner Notification services

Additional resources: 


Counseling, Outreach, Referral, and Education PHMCORE
Funded by SAMHSA TCE HIV Outreach
Contact: Karen Campbell, LMSW Director of PHM Prevention
(718) 302-8483
Email: kcampbell@wyckoffhospital.org

PHMCORE provides substance abuse, mental health and HIV screening in the Emergency room at WHMC, and at our office at 342 Stanhope Street. For those who are identified as “at risk” Comprehensive Risk Counseling (prevention case management) services are provided for 6 to 8 months. The CDC-DEBI RESPECT intervention provided as part of CRC services.

  • HIV Testing using the OraQuick Rapid HIV test (oral fluid)
  • On-site confirmatory testing for HIV using the Western Blot
  • Linkage to  Primary Medical Care for those who test positive for HIV
  • Partner Notification Services
  • Screening for Mental Health issues using the PHQ-9
  • Screening for Alcohol and Substance abuse issues using the CAGE-AIDE
  • Comprehensive Risk Counseling Services (CRCS) with GPRA screenings at baseline and at 6 months with a $20 incentive after completing the program
  • Referral for Counseling and Treatment
  • Supportive Counseling with the develop of a Service Plan (Goal setting)
  • Escorts to initial appointments as needed
  • Referrals to other program services as needed 

Additional resources:


HIV Outreach And Prevention HOAP
Center for Disease Control and Prevention – Community Based project
Contact:  Luz Santiago, MS Assistant Director of Prevention
(718) 907-4946
Email: lusantiago@wyckoffhospital.org

To provide Rapid HIV testing services, primarily to women and their partners both onsite and in the community. The program also utilizes two Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) DEBI interventions: RESPECT and PROMISE to increase HIV awareness on an individual basis and also on a community-wide level.

Services provided in N. Brooklyn include:

  • CTR (Counseling, Testing & Referral) services using ORAQUIK RAPID HIV testing
  • RESPECT individual level risk reduction counseling
  • Community mobilization services using PROMISE that recruits peers and creates and distributes role model stories with the goal of increasing the community’s awareness of HIV status and awareness of how to protect themselves and others.

Administrative Office & Prevention Services
342 Stanhope Street
Brooklyn, NY 11237
Main Line (718) 302-8481
Fax: (718) 366-4030




Primary Care & Supportive Services
374 Stockholm Street
Brooklyn, NY 11237
Appointment Desk
(718) 208-2475
(718) 963-7676



Medical Director 
John Vernaleo, MD Chief of Infectious Disease

Program Administrator 
Gina Thompson, LCSW

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