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Welcome to the Department of Pediatrics

Our Mission: The Pediatrics Department is dedicated to the highest quality of preventative health and to the management of acute to chronic illnesses for all patients (birth to age to 21 years of age) requiring pediatric care. In addition, we strive to improve care through participation in research and clinical programs aimed at prevention strategies for illnesses that cause significant morbidity to children. Finally realizing what a profound association there is between medical care provision and non-medical resources, we partner with the local community to provide a variety of resources that improve general health and access to medical care. For more information on each division of pediatrics in our department see below.


  • Inpatient Services
  • Ambulatory Clinics
  • Well Baby Nursery
  • NICU


  • Pediatric NP Fellowship
  • Osteopathic Residency Training Program
  • Pediatric Clerkship for third year medical students
  • Sub-Internship for fourth year medical students
  • Electives in Pediatric Cardiology and Emergency Medicine for Medical Students

Research and Clinical Programs

  • Pediatric Asthma Navigation Program
  • Prevention of Retinopathy of Prematurity: The Role of Caffeine vs Ketorolac

Community Outreach

  • Various partners (school, community based organizations,etc)

Inpatient Services:
On the 8th floor of the Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, we provide care to infants and children requiring hospitalization for multiple days or observation for less than 24 hours. The Pediatric Inpatient floor is a 28-bed unit receiving approximately 1200 admissions per year from the WHMC Pediatric Emergency Department, WHMC Pediatric Ambulatory Clinic and from a host of private Pediatricians practicing in Bushwick and neighboring areas in both Brooklyn and Queens.

The care of our patients is supervised and managed by a host of Board Certified and Board-Eligible Pediatricians. In addition our inpatient team includes several residents in ACGME approved programs in Pediatrics and Family Medicine and a host of well-trained pediatric nurses. Some patients requiring brief transitional care in preparation for transfer to a facility with an intensive care unit also receive supportive clinical management by Attendings and Housestaff from the neonatal intensive care unit.

Our nursing care, managed by Nursing Practitioner, Rachel McKinney, provided empathetic, efficient, excellent care for our children.

The playroom and entertainment resources (educational and age-appropriate videos and games) offer a welcoming and jovial environment to foster a comfortable, less stressful environment for healing.

We are commitment to high-quality care based on empathy and evidenced-based management of pediatric illnesses.

Pediatric Attendings in the Community with admission priviledges to Wyckoff 




Zahir Ahmed, MD



David Carmeli, MD



Lucian Dajdea, MD



Francia Devera, MD



Fernando Ginebra, MD



Zahida Khan, MD



Tatyana Ledovskaya, MD



Bogdan Lekan, MD



Jayant Patel, MD



Jesus Pichardo, MD



Henry Sadar, MD



Muhammad Tariq, MD



Caesar Villarica, MD



Shiush Wang, MD



Matilde Zapata, MD



Mohammed Mir, MD




Pediatric Neurology



Keith Chu Cheoung, MD

Neurologist, Ambulatory Clinic


Mikhail Mirer, MD

Neurologist, Ambulatory Clinic


Pediatric Hematology/Onc



Gustavo Del Toro, MD



Pediatric Gastroenterology



Girish Sharma, MD



Child Psychiatry



Joseph Ewa, MD



Pediatric Cardiology



Shahed Qurashi, MD

Director of Cardiology


Pediatric Endocrinology



Sehar Ejaz



Pediatric Pulmonology



Bindu George



Pediatric Emergency Department

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center has a separate Pediatric Emergency Room, fully equipped with state-of-the-art emergency equipment, staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by Board-Certified pediatricians and emergency trained physicians. We see over 25,000 patients annually from the community. The turn-around time of the pediatric emergency room is among the lowest in the city.

Pediatric Ambulatory Care clinic has scheduled sessions for General Pediatrics, and the following pediatric sub-specialties:

  •  Pediatric Neurology
  •  Pediatric Cardiology
  •  Pediatric Gastroenterology
  •  Pediatric Endocrinology
  •  Pediatric Hematology / Oncology
  •  Pediatric Pulmonology
  •  Pediatric High-Risk Clinic

In our Level III, Department of Neonatology, we provide the highest quality care to our community's newborns and their families, in a state-of-the-art, nurturing environment. Our facility is comprised of a 27-bed bassinet unit for well newborns and 15 beds for newborns requiring intensive care. We believe that children are the most important resource our community has, and we are dedicated to their thriving and positive development. Please call us, and we'll share our knowledge and expertise with you personally.

Neonatology Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
In the NICU, our mission is to provide the highest quality care to our community's newborns and their families, in a state-of-the-art nurturing environment.  We offer the most technologically advanced interventions to assure the best possible outcomes for our smallest and most vulnerable patients.

In addition to our inpatient service, we continue to provide ambulatory services to our families in the Pediatric High Risk Clinic for premature infants and full term newborns requiring high-risk management.

All care is rendered 24/7 by board certified pediatricians, who are overseen by board certified neonatologists.

Lactation Consultation
Lactation consultation services are available 24 hours upon request. This service enables mothers to have the greatest chance of success with breast-feeding. Georgeanne Lopez is a certified Breastfeeding Consultant and proactively provides this services to the families in the hospital (WBN, NICU and Inpatient Pediatrics floors) and at the outpatient Pediatric Care Center.

Collaborative efforts with multiple specialists ensure competent care for newborns with challenges. Our team includes Pediatric Cardiology, Pediatric Neurology, Pediatric Ophthalmogy,  Pediatric Gastroenterology, Pediatric Endocrinology and Obstetric Perinatalogy specialists.

Grants and Clinical Programs:
Vital Access Provider Grant: A clinical program (The Pediatric Asthma Navigation Program). This grant was awarded by the Department of Health and is funded for January 2014 thru December 2016.

Program Description: The PAN PROGRAM
The Pediatric Asthma Navigation (PAN) Program is an innovative and comprehensive system of primary care offered by Wyckoff Heights Medical Center to all patients age 0-21 years. Our goal is to help patients achieve better control of their asthma and thus be able to manage their asthma through mainly outpatient services. Patients will receive a physician Navigator who will help them transition through each part of the program. An Educator will review the techniques of medicine administration with the family. Their asthma symptoms are tracked either through a written Asthma Diary or through a digital tracking system (Propeller Health). The Navigators call the patient/family frequently to discuss the symptom tracker and state of health. Every 2 months patients receive follow-up visits with the physician and nurse practitioners in our Clinician Team. During these visits, lung function is assessed, clinical severity and control determined and an appropriate Asthma Action Plan is designed and reviewed with the family. As social and environmental factors impact their condition, patients are also offered a Home Visit by the Social Worker and Clinician. In their home environment, we offer private asthma education and help families identify and tackle challenges such as anxiety stress and environmental allergens. Finally we partner with Community Health Workers who will connect the family with resources needed to improve their environment and home and school and to improve of their quality of their health.

In-Network Partnerships for the PAN Program
Community Health Workers are an integral parts of asthma care for the patient, reinforcing asthma education, reviewing asthma symptoms diaries, helping to route families to the PAN team for their asthma care and linking families with community resources that may not only improve their asthma, but also their quality of life.

Out-Of-Network Partnerships for the PAN Program
We work with non-profit organizations, schools, shelter as well as private pediatricians toward a goal of out-patient focused asthma care with decreased need for use of emergency rooms services and inpatient care. Our partners refer asthma patients to our program services. We offer unique asthma education-based events to organizations like shelters and schools to educate our community about asthma. To private community physicians, we offer a partnerships to include symptom tracking and notification to the pediatrician about changes in their patient's status, specialty care visit to the Pediatric Pulmonologist at our outpatient Pediatric Care Center, home visits by our Patient Asthma Navigators and educational sessions lead by the Certified Asthma Educators.

The PAN Program Team

Patrisha Woolard-Pickens, MD, PhD

Medical Director


Zachariah Henessey

Program Administrator


Eleanor Prowell, CPNP

Clinical Lead


Rachel McKinney, CPNP

Nurse Practitioner/Propeller Health


Rose Mitchell, MD

Patient Asthma Navigator


N Beatriz Polanco, MD

Patient Asthma Navigator


Martine Pierre, MD

Certified Asthma Educator


Isleny Almonte

Certified Asthma Educator


Mercedes Reyes, LCSW

Behavioral Health Specialist


Wendy Montas

Data Analyst


The Protective Role of Caffeine vs Ketorolac in Prevention of Retinopathy of Prematurity:

Clinical research in the Neonative Intensive Care Unit

Recently our NICU was designated as an approved site by the NIH for a grant studying the prevention of retinopathy of prematurity. We collaborate with 7 different NICUs in the northeastern United States. The first phase of this trial involved pharmacological synergistic prevention of retinopathy of prematurity by early administration of caffeine and ketorolac (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory eye-drops) in the Drosophila model by our partners at SUNY Downstate. Phase II of the study will explore the same effects in premature neonates at all the partnering centers; including our NICU her at Wyckoff.

Community Outreach
Our mission is to partner with the community schools, foster-care facilities, shelters and other community-based organizations to provide a holistic approach to improving wellness in this young and rapidly expanding population. Here are the list of some of the partners we have been working with.

  • Flushing Family Residence
  • Ridgewood YMCA
  • Coalition for Hispanic Services
  • Puerto-Rican Family Institute
  • Make the Road New York
  • Audrey Johnson (Head Start Center)
  • 25 schools in the regions of Bushwick ,Brooklyn and Ridgewood, Queens

Sanjivan Patel, MD

Childlife Specialist
Angela Barimah

Inpatient Attendings
Patrisha Woolard-Pickens, MD, PhD
Sehar Ejaz, MD
Yuriel Mirzakanov, MD
Gina Reinoso, MD
Shahed Quaraishi, MD
Lucian Dajdea, MD

Peter Yousef, MD
Jose Flores, MD
Christian Nunez, MD
Cuishan Wu, MD

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