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The Department of Pediatrics serves all the medical needs of the infants, children, and adolescents in our catchment area. This includes:

  • A modern, up-to-date inpatient unit with state-of-the-art equipment and a skilled, experienced, and compassionate nursing staff. Translators are on-site 24/7.
  • Rooming-in facilities for all parents.
  • Board Certified, general pediatricians around the clock as well as on-call pediatric sub-specialists including pediatric neurology, pediatric cardiology, pediatric infectious disease, pediatric allergy/immonology, pediatric hematology/urology, and pediatric endocrinology.

Our main emphasis is on providing the best possible quality of care to all the infants, children, and teenagers who enter our doors in a compassionate, supportive, and child-friendly atmosphere.

In addition to full-time hospital based Board-Certified pediatricians, Wyckoff Heights Medical Center Department of Pediatrics is integrated into the Brooklyn Hospital Center fully approved pediatric residency program as a major participating institution. Our pediatric residents are selected both for their skills and competence as well as for their communication skills. In addition, the Department of Pediatrics teaches medical students from a number of different medical schools. The teaching and research activities of the department allow us to attract the most competent, experienced, and well-trained pediatric attendings.

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center has a separate Pediatric Emergency Room, fully equipped with state-of-the-art emergency equipment, staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by Board-Certified pediatricians and emergency trained physicians. The turn around time of the pediatric emergency room is among the lowest in the city.

The Pediatric Ambulatory Care area has scheduled sessions for General Pediatrics, and the following pediatric sub-specialties:

  • pediatric neurology
  • pediatric cardiology
  • pediatric gastroenterology
  • pediatric endocrinology
  • pediatric hematology / oncology

Research and Publications
Among the current research projects are the following:

  • Visual Obesity
  • Toddler Iron Deficiency
  • Pediatric Medication Dosage Errors
  • Breast Feeding
  • Improving Treatment of Bronchial Asthma
  • Head CT Scan


Child Health Plus is a health insurance plan for children. Child Health Plus (CHP) includes a comprehensive health benefits package for kids that includes physicals, well-child care, vaccinations, x-rays, prescription and non prescription drugs, and hospital medical or surgical care. Recent additions to this list include vision care, dental treatment, and speech/hearing therapy.

Who Can Apply?

  • Children under the age of 19 not eligible for Medicaid
  • Children with limited or no health insurance

How Can You Apply?


Wyckoff Heights Medical Center is part of an approved Brooklyn Hospital/Wyckoff Heights Medical Center integrated pediatric residency program. We provide a good deal of the primary care component of this program. The pediatric residents rotating through Wyckoff Heights Medical Center are exposed to an active inpatient pediatric unit which discharged over 3,000 children in the year 2000. Further, our residents rotate through a busy pediatric emergency room, an active ambulatory care center including all the pediatric sub-specialty disciplines as well as a level III newborn nursery.

The Pediatric Division is currently engaged in a number of clinical research projects including toddler iron deficiency anemia, breast feeding education and preventive care initiatives.




In our Level III, Department of Neonatology, we provide the highest quality care to our community's newborns and their families, in a state-of-the-art, nurturing environment. We believe that children are the most important resource our community has, and we are dedicated to their thriving and positive development. Please call us, and we'll share our knowledge and expertise with you personally.

Neonatology Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
At NICU, our mission is to provide the highest quality care to our community's newborns and their families, in a state-of-the-art nurturing environment.  We offer the most technologically advanced interventions to assure the best possible outcomes for our smallest and most vulnerable patients.

All care is rendered 24/7 by board certified pediatricians, who are overseen by board certified neonatologists.
So if misfortune strikes suddenly in the usually joyous occasion of your child's birth. Please rest assured that your child will be in good hands.


American Academy of Pediatrics

New York State Department of Health

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